DIY Credit Repair! Don’t Let The Credit Bureaus Cheat You!


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Don’t Let the Credit Bureaus Cheat You!

by April LaJune

Get the ebook that includes all the information you need to repair your credit in as little as 30 days with easy to use step-by-step instructions and the series of letters you’ll need to raise your credit score and dispute negative reporting.

This package also includes a FREE bonus of 24 letters you can use to reduce payments, address creditors and a whole lot more AND The First Step to Accessing Your TDA Account with complete instructions! You save 50% on the total package plus more when you count the letters included!

If you’re the kind of person that likes to do things yourself, including taking charge of your own credit, you’ll like this book. It’s filled with all kind so information on how the credit bureaus work, the truth about collection agencies and the exact letters I would be sending out for you if you decided to become a client.

There’s no point in spending more money than you have to in order to clear up your credit. If you get your report and it’s pretty straight forward and simple, you should be able to do this without hiring an agency to fix this for you.

Here’s the what’s included:

  • What Really Happens at the Credit Bureau
  • How Fair Credit Report Act Section 609 can work to your advantage
  • How Collection Agencies Work
  • How the Credit Bureau Deals With Disputes
  • Complete Instructions for Repairing You Credit including the timing of the letters you’ll be sending. THIS IS CRITICAL to repairing your credit and challenging disputes!
  • The EXACT letters my agency would be using to dispute your credit reports
  • PLUS A FREE BONUS of 24 letters which you can use to negotiate lower payment,s lower interest rates, send to creditors and manage your credit.


You need to fix your credit as quickly as possible to enjoy the benefits others have

I’ve been in the bad credit boat and it’s not fun. I never saw myself going down a road to helping people with their credit but this is such an important aspect of your life, after studying this for awhile, I decided to make sure you’re getting the right information and you can do this yourself and save literally thousands of dollars either because you’ve improved your credit by raising your credit score, or you now understand why enlisting the assistance of a reputable service is necessary.

I’ve seen so many people like you not be able to buy a house, have a decent car or be able to get a great apartment and even now – get a good paying job – because they’re credit score is very poor and some of the negative marks could have been removed, but they literally didn’t know it.

It’s time for people to be aware, Credit Bureaus and Big Banks are not your friends! We have to be smart about the law, use them to our advantage and legally clean up our credit in order to ensure our families and ourselves can get the credit you deserve.

There’s just no reason for you to walling around at the bottom of the barrel wondering why Suzie Q. Neighbor has a brand new car paying less than our car payment for a heap which is about ready to breakdown any minute.

If I can get out of my situation, you can do it too. You just need a little help. This is why I wrote the book. I wrote it for you so you can easily and quickly fix your credit report and raise your credit score.


So what? You’re just as smart as that guy sitting behind a desk pushing pencils all day. He doesn’t have any special magic to fix your credit report. He just knows the process which makes the Credit Bureaus pay attention and fix your credit. When you learn what it takes to fix your credit and how incredibly easy it is, you can send out the letters on your own and can tackle the job of repairing your credit the right way. If you do it wrong, it can be a nightmare.

Isn’t it worth the money to save yourself literally thousands of dollars over a lifetime and start driving the nice car, living in your dream home and buying the things that make you happy?

Like I said in the video, you have 4 options. This is the Do-It-Yourself option which costs under $30 bucks. You have more than that in debt! There’s nothing holding you back except yourself so stop procrastinating and get the book now. You could have yourself on the road to good credit within 30 days! LITERALLY!

 GET YOUR COPY OF  DIY CREDIT REPAIR: Don’t Let The Credit Bureau Cheat YOU! by April LaJune



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